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Covid and the Comeback

Hello Again Stonefacers

It has been far far too long!

We hope you are all well and managing the current crisis as best as you are able. Like so many bands we have been significantly impacted upon by the current Covid 19 situation which has enforced a bit of a hiatus upon us.

We were keen to reach out again and let you know that we are all still very much alive & kicking and eager to resume a-rockin' as soon as we are safely able to do so!

We had hoped to spend the first part of 2020 recording a new album for you all to hear. Sadly we only managed to get a handful of tracks down before the lockdown and social distancing measures meant we were unable to meet up as a band to continue. We have done our best to prepare some material and it is our intention to release at least some of that in due course.

'A wee taster of things to come' you might say.

Hang in there troops - we will emerge out the other end of of this at some point and when we do what better way to celebrate than to party to some kick ass rock n roll (in a socially responsible and safe way obviously!)

In the meantime folks, as ever - Peace, Love and Rock n Roll!


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